Friday, July 20, 2007

How To Apply Lipstick

The color of your lips changes the shade of the lipstick. To get the original rich color, blend liquid make-up on your lips before you apply lipstick. This helps in altering your lip line and makes your lipstick last longer. To obtain a well defined lip line, use the pointed tip of you lipstick and outline your lip shape. Now take the flat surface of your lipstick and fill in the color.

Q: How can I define the shape of my lips?
A: Define the outline of your lips with a professional lip brush or lip liner pencil that closely matches the color of your lipstick. Then apply your lipstick and blend the liner with a lip brush.

Q: My lips are thin. How can I make them appear fuller?
A: Use a pencil or lip liner to define the outermost part of your lip line. Apply your lipstick with a professional lip brush, blending the lip liner, and add a slightly lighter color in the center to create contour. Avoid dark-colored lipsticks.

Q: My lips are very full. How can I make them appear thinner?
A: If you want to minimize full lips, use a lip liner pencil to define the inside of your natural lip line. Fill in with lipstick and try a slightly deeper colored lipstick.

Q: How do I keep my lipstick from bleeding?
A: Matte formulas do not bleed as much as creamier lipsticks and glosses. If you want that moist mouth look, make sure to powder the lip line after you've applied the color. Then re-apply lipstick. Lip liner isn't always necessary but can be used.

Q: How do I make my lipstick smudge proof?
A: Powder is the key to making less pigmented lip colors last longer on lips. Apply lip color with a matching lip liner if desired, then powder lips lightly. Re-apply lip color and pat again. An alternative is a lipstick sealer which puts a varnish or sealer coat on top of the lip color.

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Chase Richards said...

Most people struggle with applying lipstick because they just smear it on straight from the tube. Apart from being unhygienic, this is the least efficient way to do it.

If you use a makeup brush, you avoid bleeding and your lipstick lasts a lot longer.