Friday, July 20, 2007

Make-up Tips (No $ Included)

Stretch Your Beauty Dollars Getting gorgeous doesn't mean you have to empty out your wallet. Try these low-cash, high-style beauty ideas instead:
1. Scrub up at home.Forego exfoliating treatments at a spa and whip up your own: Mix a handful of coarse sugar crystals with some olive oil, and use to slough off dead skin in the shower.
2. Fake a perfect manicure.Soak nails in lemon juice to nix stains, then use a nail buffer to make tips shiny. No polish required!
3. Maximize your lipstick.Your favorite lipstick can go the distance when you change its finish! Apply lipstick over a thin layer of Vaseline for a glossy look; pat on with a fingertip for a stain; dust with loose powder for a matte look; and mix with a bit of dark shadow for an evening effect.
4. Use hair products wet and dry.Instead of investing in two different styling aids, use one for all of your needs: Apply a hair cream to damp locks to tame frizz, then smooth on a bit when hair is dry to smooth flyaways. Or use gel on wet hair for hold, then add some more to dry hair for shine.
5. Hit the drugstore.Most drugstore cosmetics are related to department store brands: L'Oreal to LancĂ´me, Jane to Estee Lauder. That means the cheaper versions use the same cutting-edge technologies as their pricier sisters. Best low-cost bets: Mascara and lipstick.
6. Invest in all-over color.For a so-chic, monochromatic look, wear the same shade on cheeks and lips (and eyes, if it's not too rosy). Nars and Stila make top-notch all-over color products that are well worth their price.
7. Try a multipurpose miracle.Vaseline and Smith's Rosebud Salve are wonders: Use them as lip balm or gloss, to make eyebrows glossy, to moisturize cuticles, and to soothe dry skin patches. The bonus: They're super cheap!
8. Go for all-purpose moisture.A giant bottle of Cetaphil lotion -- under $10 at the drugstore -- works on face, body, even the roughest of heels. Plus, it's noncomedogenic, so it won't cause blemishes!
9. Stake out salon training nights.Most top hair salons offer low-cost cuts on training nights, where student stylists work their magic (under the close watch of their more senior colleagues).
10. Don't be fooled by high-price skincare.Dermatologists consistently recommend their old (low-cost) favorites: Neutrogena, Purpose, and Cetaphil cleansers and moisturizers.

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