Friday, July 20, 2007

Hair Tips

• Already hair will show signs of straightening but is still frizzy and dry and lacks shine.(Straightness would not last)
• With medium or long hair use clips to seperate hair so that you can concentrate on one section at a time.
• Starting at the front with a small section of hair use you straightener down the length is a swift smooth motion.
• Repeat this step on the next section and continue using small sections right round the head.
• Always run the straightener from top, down the hairs length and continue until the straightener runs off the hair at the end and hair falls away. Do not stop at any point and try to keep the sweep even and consistant
• On larger sections you may need to repeat the run with the straightener 2-3 times.
• Once the majority of hair has been straightened finish the style by blending at the ends. With no clips run the straightener close to the ends and off the ends of the hair. This will stop seperation that might occur when using sectioning clips.
• You should be left with sleek shiny frizz free straight hair which should last a long time

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